Life’s real failure is when you do not realize how close you were to success when you gave up.
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Laniakea, A Newly Mapped Supercluster of Galaxies Containing Our Own Milky Way

Wow… Just makes me remember how small our world really is… And just how large the unknown is out beyond our borders…

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Cleaning out stuff from my moms house, and came across this self portrait… I had to pinch myself; I thought I was looking in the mirror.

Double Layer Carrot Cake


The Mr. and I are suckers for carrot cake and are mostly (always) involved in the consumption phase. In preparation for last night’s dinner party, I decided to try my hand at the production phase - and make my first ever carrot cake from scratch!

The cake turned out super moist & delicious and was a blast to make! The best part? Glowing reviews from the ‘cake testers’ :)

Recipe & pictures included below. 



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Anna made the most amazing carrot cake last night for our dinner party!

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