I don’t know how she finds this comfortable…

The older I get the more I realize that truth is something that is best coupled with empathy. Ultimately, you have to seek to understand before you can be understood and part of telling the truth is knowing that you’ll never know someone else’s truth until you hear it directly from them rather than assuming you know what someone has experienced or what’s best for them.

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It is easy to be a jerk.  However it takes real leadership and emotional maturity to be empathetic while being completely honest.

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Every day you spend knowing you are off track is a day squandered – that could have been spent living a better life. Working in something that is less than what you love is like driving a car with dirt in the gas tank and a block of wood under the accelerator.
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It is troubling that there’s this notion in our culture that if you’re a winner, it’s okay to be an asshole.
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August Long Weekend Hours

August Long Weekend Hours

A friendly reminder of our upcoming hours throughout the August Long Weekend:

  • We will be closed on Saturday August 2, 2014.
  • All of our clinics will be closed on Monday August 4, 2014.

Regular hours at all of our locations will resume Tuesday August 5, 2014!

We hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!

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Canada Day Parade

Once again we had the great pleasure of taking part in the annual Canada Day Parade in Airdrie!

Mila the goat.

Mila riding shotgun back at the Canada day parade.

The most critical thing for every startup is to be doing one thing uniquely well, better than anybody else in the world.

Peter Thiel

You can be a mess at a lot of things when you are starting out, but you have to have that one thing, the thing that defines and crystallizes your vision, that is unshakable and you can excel at.

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